As some of you may know the special podcast site was born out of last years unique and highly successful live music set programmes run from the TDFZ MySpace site in which new bands and artists work were aired continually in 4 to 5 hour shows, sometimes longer, giving them some great exposure! Following this 4 complete 2-hour shows were aired live on the Ubroadcast channel.

With listenership expaning beyond our own dreams we moved to our brand new TDFZ podcast site where the sound quality & user friendly options proved ideal particularly for the genre and variety of artists music we air weekly. With this even greater platform now at our disposal, the shows, with listenership booming daily,are being continuously prepared and made available at the site each and every Saturday from midday (GB-BST).

We welcome your own musical works and videos for submission, selection and inclusion for our podcast and video special programmes. These should be emailed to us. As we predominently feature and platform electronic musical works we are aware that some works you may wish to submit may be long. In this instance we suggest that you use a service such as "You Send It" to place the track/s, then email us the link to it an any associated details we require to download it or contact us for access to our FTP server.

Finally, please (and this is the important part - so please read) you must, when emailing your track/s or video complete the following disclaimer/permission form (available as .doc or PDF) and attach it to the email with your submissions.

TDFZ Submissions Form (PDF)

TDFZ Submissions form (.doc)

Our sole goal and the existance of the TDFZ shows is to make sure all featured artists benefit from the programmes whilst at the same time raising their profiles globally and getting great new music out there where it belongs. TDFZ is 100% non-profit making and exists simply as a result of the awareness and the need for certain artists and their music not to be overlooked whilst at the same time fullfilling a long overdue void in the entertainment field promoting a multitude of electronic music genres, inspirational creations and new sounds.